Social Media Controls

WaTech has curated a variety of information on online privacy. While we cannot endorse any particular product or service, you may find the following tips helpful:

Controls on Social Media and Advertising

LinkedIn has a large amount of information about its users professional lives, and has a recent, readable privacy policy:

Privacy Policy -- what they know about you and what they do with that info

Summary of changes -- recent changes in layman's terms

User Agreement -- what you need to know about them, what they allow, etc.

Blog describing changes in order to comply with Europe's GDPR


Slack, the work/chat tool beloved by small and distributed technology teams, has updated its privacy policy to comply with European privacy law

Privacy policy  covers what they collect and share about you

User Terms   covers what you should know about them, like what kinds of uses are acceptable on the site

Yahoo, one of the giants of the early internet, has a prominent privacy policy
They have been bought out by Verizon, and acquisitions sometimes change privacy policies.

Here's a quick list of privacy links and tools for Facebook

Website Page Link
Facebook Explanations
Facebook Ad Controls


Apple has a few privacy pages:

A general explanation of how they do privacy
The privacy policy for their website

Microsoft has a few privacy-related pages and programs

General description of privacy at the company:
Privacy Statement for their website          

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