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Electronic Records Leading Practices

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WA State Archives
  • RecordsLeadingPractices-Responsibility
    • Someone in the agency has overall responsibility for managing and retaining records;
  • RecordsleadingPractices-Policies
    • Agency has written policies and procedures for managing and retaining records;
  • RecordsLeadingPractices-Tools
    • Agency has adequate software, hardware and physical storage for managing and retaining records;
  • RecordsLeadingPractices-Staff
    • Agency staff know how to manage and retain their records;
  • RecordsLeadingPractices-Retained
    • Agency keeps records for the minimum retention period listed in current approved records retention schedules;
  • RecordsLeadingPractices-knownlocations
    • Agency knows what records they have, where they are and their formats;
  • RecordsleadingPractices-organized
    • Agency keeps records organized to help with access, security and destruction/transfer;
  • RecordsLeadingPractices-Retention
    • Agency knows how long each type of record needs to be retained;
  • RecordsLeadingPractices-Destroyed
    • Agency destroys “Non-Archival” records and transfers “Archival” records to Washington State Archives at the end of the minimum retention period;
  • RecordsLeadingPractices-Disaster
    • Agency has plans and backups of records needed to resume critical operations in the event of a disaster.
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Laws, Rules, and How They're Made
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