Privacy Modeling

“The Privacy Modeling
tool deploys easily accessible
technology to help
people navigate the maze
of complex privacy law,”
Alex Alben, Washington’s
Chief Privacy Officer



“We constantly try to
innovate at the intersection
of public policy and
technology,” says
Michael Cockrill,
Washington State’s CIO.
“Privacy Modeling is a
big leap forward in building
a web app to help
government entities and
programs find the privacy
laws that apply to diverse



The Office of Privacy and Data Protection has decommissioned “Privacy Modeling,” a web application that identifies the privacy laws relevant to the product or service you wish to create.

Privacy Modeling Is Used To:

• Design privacy into products and services
• Find laws applicable to using personal information and data
• Guide users through complex privacy laws


While created for state and local governments, anyone can use this free application, created by Washington State and funded by a grant from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

Source code and documentation is available from our GitHub repository.

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