Privacy Assessment Survey

What is a privacy assessment?

A privacy assessment, sometimes referred to as a "privacy impact assessment" (PIA), collects information concerning an organization’s privacy practices and policies. This involves asking questions about an organization’s collection, use and sharing of data, as well as any security measures and access controls used to secure data against unauthorized access or disclosure. Assessment results are used to identify potential privacy risks. The results also are used to develop recommended changes in practices and policies to mitigate risks before they can result in harm. The assessment may also be used to evaluate an organization’s compliance with best practices and the law.

Why are we conducting this review?

The Office of Privacy and Data Protection is required to conduct an annual privacy assessment of all governmental agencies under RCW 43.105.369. A review and assessment of state government as a whole will provide policymakers with a valuable snapshot of agency practices, progress and risks regarding the use and protection of personal information entrusted to us by Washingtonians in the course of their dealings with the government. We seek to understand actual conditions with the goal of developing efficient and practical programs that allow government agencies to continue fulfilling their vital functions while also providing Washingtonians with the privacy and data security they deserve.

How to complete the questionnaire

The questionnaire can be filled out and submitted online via Formstack, a survey tool approved by the state Office of CyberSecurity for up to Category 3 (confidential) information. Please be as succinct as possible while still answering the questions. If our office has additional questions based on your answers, we will contact you. All responses to questions should be in the text or check boxes included in the questionnaire. Please do not send responses to the Office of Privacy and Data Protection through email or by phone. The data we receive will not be published except in aggregate or with your permission.

If you have questions or need help completing the survey, please contact or call (360)407-8693

 Link to questionnaire

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