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Talking Privacy on the Geekwire Podcast

Geekwire, the Seattle-based technology and innovation news team, recently invited Alex Alben to talk privacy with them on the Geekwire Podcast.



  • "[people] feel that corporations are profiling them and they feel they have no control. So that’s the environment that we work in in the privacy world. And we need to do our best to actually not patronize people and say, “Oh, it’s not a problem,” because frankly, it is a problem, and we have reached a level of both surveillance and profiling of individuals that is unprecedented."
  • "if we did an enhanced driver’s license and that has facial recognition in a photograph — that’s a biometric identifier. We’ll use that information for purposes of identifying you. That’s fair. But we won’t sell that information to a third party so that they can use those biometrics in a way that you didn’t know, unless we go back to get your consent. That’s actually a pretty major step forward in the privacy world."
  • "This is the almost existential philosophical debate we’re having now between the beauty of convenience versus the danger of losing privacy, and I will even say losing freedom. There has to be a happy medium. No one wants all convenience and give up all of their privacy."
  • "it’s like driving cars if we had never developed a speed limit for cars in the United States. Can you imagine hundreds of millions of people driving and no state having any speed limits? You would say, “That’s crazy. We need to have some regulation here because it’s a safety issue.” But that’s analogous to where we are now with the Internet of Things."


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