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Equifax got hacked

It's now old news, but Equifax, one of the big 3 credit reporting agencies got hacked earlier this year and the hackers got away with the personal information of about 143 million people in the US and Canada.

Like most companies who have had a "data breach" Equifax is (as of this writing) offering free credit monitoring services.

Not sure what to do or how do do it?  Study your options:

The Federal Trade Commission has posted a "what-to-do" page on its website that offers a good layman's step-by-step guide to your options. They allow people to comment, and a lot of people have expressed understandable frustration.

The Washington State Attorney General has a good page of info explaining how to get the credit rating agencies to freeze your file, or just to be on the lookout for fraud. It's not as new or flashy as the FTC page, but it's simple, clear and local.

Security Freeze Procedures

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