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Chief Privacy Officer Alex Alben testified in support of Senate Bill 5376 yesterday as it was considered and approved by the Ways and Means Committee.


Here's the video of Alex's testimony




And here's the text:

Senate Ways and Means Committee Hearing February 27, 2019

Testimony by Alex Alben, Chief Privacy Officer for the State of Washington

Dear Members of the Committee:

I appreciate the opportunity to come here today and share my perspective on SB 5376, The Washington Privacy Act.  This proposal, if adopted by the... Read more

Senator Reuven Carlyle and State Chief Privacy Officer Alex Alben appeared on "Inside Olympia" for an extended discussion of privacy policy, surveillance, and the role of the state.


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Here's the full show video from TVW




Privacy Office staff Will Saunders testified on Representative Norma Smith's bill (HB1503) on data brokers as is was considered in the House Committee on Innovation, Technology and Economic Development

Here's the video from TVW:



The Consumer Data Industry Association and CompTIA testified in opposition. Here's the video from TVW.


The Washington Privacy Act (Senate Bill 5376) was introduced January 17, 2019

The Act represents a comprehensive effort to give consumers control over their personal data.  In an economy driven by electronic storage of personal information it has become paramount to protect data from misuse and data breach.  This Act, based on established legal principles and our state constitution, provides Washington State residents with tools to determine how their data is used and shared.  It will go into effect December 31, 2020.

The Act will apply to companies that handle the data of... Read more

Changes in Washington statutes in the last few years have made some types of data more risky for agencies to collect, store, or use.

This presentation to the Quarterly Risk Managers' Forum may help privacy and risk management staff identify and mitigate risks.

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