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The Office of Privacy and Data Protection is sponsoring "Privacy Matters" on November 2nd at Seattle University School of Law.

Join us for an intensive one-day session covering privacy issues in technology and the law.  This event will bring together leaders from academia, government, law and the tech world to “dive deeply” into hot topics such as the impact of new technologies on privacy, the increasing use of personal information in a data-driven economy and the advent of Artificial Intelligence.  We will also introduce our latest tool for privacy officers -  “Privacy Checklists... Read more

Government Technology magazine got a look at our latest app -- a checklist tool for privacy officers -- and they liked it!

"Targeted users of the checkup lists include state, city and county government agencies that collect citizen data or work with it, as well as nonprofits and institutions, Alben said, noting that small businesses and other organizations that process and control personal data may be interested in using the tool."

Want to try it yourself?  Click here to try the app, then tell us your impressions here.


Here's Will Saunders' presentation on electronic records at WAPRO today

Alex had an opinion piece published in the Seattle times recently about Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, and safeguarding the data of Washingtonians.

"People justifiably feel a sense of outrage about the lack of control over personal information, but this situation evolved from our historic lack of data governance."

For links to the data controls in a variety of common online tools, check out our Social Media Controls page

Alex Alben, the Washington state Chief Privacy Officer testified in support of House Bill 2200 on January 18, 2018 -- a carry-over from last year's legislative session that enacts the old FCC privacy rules for internet service providers as state law.

Mr. Alben was testifying for the second time in support of this bill - the first was back in April 2017 when it first came before the legislature.




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