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Alex Alben, the Washington state Chief Privacy Officer testified in support of House Bill 2200 on January 18, 2018 -- a carry-over from last year's legislative session that enacts the old FCC privacy rules for internet service providers as state law.

Mr. Alben was testifying for the second time in support of this bill - the first was back in April 2017 when it first came before the legislature.




Google launched an app in mid-January allowing users to match selfies with depictions of famous people throughout history.  “Google Arts & Culture” quickly became the most popular free application offered on both the Apple and Google platforms.  People seem to like the idea of finding out what famous work of art from a museum might match their own likeness.

This application uses the “facial geometry” of a user’s photograph to match the facial geometry of a portrait, perhaps painted by Leonardo Da Vinci or Andy Warhol.  This technology is a biometric identifier, because a person... Read more

One of the most important things we do in the Privacy Office is training and outreach for Washingtonians on privacy issues.

Libraries have been staunch defenders of privacy in Washington, and in the past six months we've been able to connect with very engaged audiences at library events.

Take a look at the video and let us know what you think. Should we do more online video?


Alex Alben's talk for the King County library system was recorded and posted online:



The Washington State Library's monthly continuing education offering "... Read more

Washington State's Chief rivacy Officer, Alex Alben, and Will Saunders (our Open Data Guy) were both invited to attend the APPA forum in Vancouver, BC.

Alex presented on options for state-level privacy action in Washington state, drawing on training materials he has developed and presented in libraries and state agencies around Washington.

APPA is the Asia-Pacific Privacy Authorities forum, an association of privacy agencies, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Macau, Singapore, Korea, Japan, and others. Prime topics at this forum included the approach of... Read more

Geekwire, the Seattle-based technology and innovation news team, recently invited Alex Alben to talk privacy with them on the Geekwire Podcast.


Highlights: "[people] feel that corporations are profiling them and they feel they have no control. So that’s the environment that we work in in the privacy world. And we need to do our best to actually not patronize people and say, “Oh, it’s not a problem,” because frankly, it is a problem, and we have reached a level of both surveillance and profiling of individuals that is unprecedented." "if we did an enhanced... Read more

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