The Office of Privacy and Data Protection (ODPD) came into being in early 2016 with a mission to ensure that state government protects citizen privacy. In seven months, our office has begun the critical work of identifying privacy best practices, organizing people who work on privacy and data in state agencies and programs and begun new initiatives to use technology to solve the difficult problem of how to build new products and services with privacy as a priority.From the outset, our office has used metrics to measure performance. The metrics mandated by the Legislature are covered in this report. We have quantified training sessions, contacts with agencies and consumer education and outreach.

Our office exists as a resource for state agencies, the Legislature and the Governor’s Office on privacy issues, particularly those involving new technologies, such as drones, mobile cameras and biometrics. As technology evolves, our office will strive to provide relevant intelligence to assist policy-makers.

image: evaluation report cover

 image: charts of outreach and coordination by month

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