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Make sure your home wifi is password protected

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Tiffany Curtis
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Most of us these days have a WiFi box in the house and do a lot of our web surfing or movie watching over that home network.  Mostly we just plug the box in to the wall outlet, connect it to our internet provider somehow, and turn it on. But is that network secure? You're probably looking at your bank accounts over that connection - could it be snooped by a guy in a van down the street with a laptop and a can of pringles? Older wifi routers sometimes came with really weak initial passwords and insecure out-of-the-box settings - have you changed yours this year?  For a lot of home WiFi boxes you can see all the settings by browsing the following address while you're at home:  you might be surprised what you find.

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Devices, Home Automation and the Internet of Things
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