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The Privacy Office will offer another in our recurring series of introductory privacy training classes on August 17th at 10:00-11:30 am, at the WaTech headquarters building, 1500 Jefferson Street SE, Olympia, WA

We do these quarterly, and each class covers a mix of fundamentals and new topics of concern.

State employees who'd like to register can do so via the state's learning management system and the class will be added to their training records.  Certificates are also available upon request.

Please click here to register, or search for "Privacy: an Introduction... Read more

KUOW used a small chunk of Alex's TVW interview for another, shorter story:  (link)

Here's what caught their attention

“Alben envisions a new consumer bill of rights specifically to protect digital or online privacy. He said one element of this new law should be something called “consent in context”—an idea that’s catching fire in Europe.

“If you’re going to use my data for a purpose that I didn’t know about or I didn’t think about, you have to come back to me and then say ‘I want to use this data in another way, do I have your consent?’” Alben said.

TVW's show "Inside Olympia" carried an in-depth discussion with Alex Alben yesterday.  Here's the link. It's a great, broad-ranging exploration of policy and technology issues in Olympia, including:

Federal rule changes allow your ISP to sell your browsing history Toys that listen to your kids and inform the manufacturer New laws in WA protecting "biometric" data and requiring consent



Governor Inslee signed two biometrics bills into law this week, making Washington a leader in the category of protecting these unique biological identifiers, both in the public sector and private sector arenas.

HB 1493 establishes requirements of clear notice and consent before a company can collect a biometric identifier.  The definition of biometric is fairly broad, covering many different biological characteristics and systems.  A few other states have biometric collection laws, with Illinois and Texas being the most prominent.  This law may prevent a social media... Read more

CityVision, the magazine of the Association of Washington Cities, carried a nice quick look at our PrivacyModeling tool in their March/April issue.

Here's how the magazine sees the tool being used:

The tool’s target user is someone who doesn’t know a lot about privacy laws working outside of their expertise. It enables people to educate themselves on privacy law in a user-friendly manner, organizing its database according to 31 categories of personally identifiable information (PII). When users filter through those categories, the tool generates a... Read more

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