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Governor Inslee signed two biometrics bills into law this week, making Washington a leader in the category of protecting these unique biological identifiers, both in the public sector and private sector arenas.

HB 1493 establishes requirements of clear notice and consent before a company can collect a biometric identifier.  The definition of biometric is fairly broad, covering many different biological characteristics and systems.  A few other states have biometric collection laws, with Illinois and Texas being the most prominent.  This law may prevent a social media... Read more

CityVision, the magazine of the Association of Washington Cities, carried a nice quick look at our PrivacyModeling tool in their March/April issue.

Here's how the magazine sees the tool being used:

The tool’s target user is someone who doesn’t know a lot about privacy laws working outside of their expertise. It enables people to educate themselves on privacy law in a user-friendly manner, organizing its database according to 31 categories of personally identifiable information (PII). When users filter through those categories, the tool generates a... Read more

Interesting speeches from the floor of the house on HB 2200, which would apply privacy protection rules on ISP's similar to those congress just eliminated at the federal level.

Here's a selection of the floor speeches on final adoption:


The Seattle Times has published an opinion piece by Alex Alben, our Chief Privacy Officer, on privacy and neutrality in broadband internet access.

"Just as our state has attempted to pave its own way on climate change and immigration, it is time to consider how we might preserve both privacy and digital access in an increasingly hostile national environment" wriites Alben.

Alex Alben, Washington's Chief Privacy Officer, testified today in the state legislature on House Bill 2200, concerning the privacy and security of internet users.

The bill would apply (via state law) the major elements of the recently-repealed FCC privacy rules for broadband intenet access carriers.

Here's the video of the testimony:



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