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Washington State's Chief rivacy Officer, Alex Alben, and Will Saunders (our Open Data Guy) were both invited to attend the APPA forum in Vancouver, BC.

Alex presented on options for state-level privacy action in Washington state, drawing on training materials he has developed and presented in libraries and state agencies around Washington.

APPA is the Asia-Pacific Privacy Authorities forum, an association of privacy agencies, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Macau, Singapore, Korea, Japan, and others. Prime topics at this forum included the approach of... Read more

Geekwire, the Seattle-based technology and innovation news team, recently invited Alex Alben to talk privacy with them on the Geekwire Podcast.


Highlights: "[people] feel that corporations are profiling them and they feel they have no control. So that’s the environment that we work in in the privacy world. And we need to do our best to actually not patronize people and say, “Oh, it’s not a problem,” because frankly, it is a problem, and we have reached a level of both surveillance and profiling of individuals that is unprecedented." "if we did an enhanced... Read more

It's now old news, but Equifax, one of the big 3 credit reporting agencies got hacked earlier this year and the hackers got away with the personal information of about 143 million people in the US and Canada.

Like most companies who have had a "data breach" Equifax is (as of this writing) offering free credit monitoring services.

Not sure what to do or how do do it?  Study your options:

The Federal Trade Commission has posted a "what-to-do" page on its website that offers a good layman's step-by-step guide to your options. They allow people to comment, and a lot of... Read more

Alex Alben's talk on privacy and the internet of things at the Digital Government Summit in LA last week covered a fun bunch of topics, including differences between the German and US recommendations on dealing with voice-recording toys, the origin of privacy in US law, and the paradox of new risks and old regulations on the internet.

Intriqued?  Watch the video:


Meeting Today’s Privacy and Security Challenges -- Alex Alben from WaTech on Vimeo.

The Privacy Office will offer another in our recurring series of introductory privacy training classes on August 17th at 10:00-11:30 am, at the WaTech headquarters building, 1500 Jefferson Street SE, Olympia, WA

We do these quarterly, and each class covers a mix of fundamentals and new topics of concern.

State employees who'd like to register can do so via the state's learning management system and the class will be added to their training records.  Certificates are also available upon request.

Please click here to register, or search for "Privacy: an Introduction... Read more

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